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The Largest Steel Domestic
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Recently, the largest domestic carbide production line with 400,000 tons of single set capacity and factory designed by Baosteel Engineering is officially put into operation in Shanxi Yangmei. The project is also Baosteel Engineering's first success in accepting the order in calcium carbide industry, which shows that in Baosteel Engineering's entrance in non-steel projects, it has a new addition of economic growth point.

Shanxi Yangmei's calcium carbide project with an annual output of 400,000 tons involves whole calcium carbide production process and is combined with a number of production and treatment processes. The project implements open bidding. Meanwhile, Baosteel Engineering, with its engineering design strength and innovative design concept, win the bid.

During the design process, with building model project as the target, Baosteel Engineering Engineering Technology Branch project team draws and learns from the foreign mature experience and improvements and pays attention to every detail from the source. The design personnel make timely adjustment and optimization of the program targeted to unfavorable factors such as short duration, complex terrain and many outside interfaces according to the requirements of the owner and the construction side. The team corporates and communicates with the owner and wins the praise from all participating units in the project.

It is known that in addition to the largest single stand capacity, this carbide production line's production equipment, production technology and automation system all reach the most advanced level in China. Equipped with special proprietary system, the purified calcium carbide furnace gas can be pressurized and works as gas burning lime kiln fuel, thus achieving streamlined, efficient, energy saving and environmental protection purpose.

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