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   Why choose us
Quality guarantee
The company attaches importance to quality management and assurance, it is equipped with
sound testing means and has passed the certification of ISO9001 Quality Management System 
                 and ISO14001 Environmental Protection System.

Diverse  products                                                                

With world high-quality galvanized, aluminum and zinc coated and cold-rolled steel coils
as base materials, the company has developed different specification PPGI 
                  and applied to refrigerator, washing machine, air-condition, solar water heater,                           
                  monitor outer covering of computer, color writing board for teaching and
                  relative products.  we can provide various products 
                  to help partners satisfy the consumers’ various needs.


Every quarter in 6,000 tons of production, and the annual output is 72,000 tons,can ensure sufficient supply.
Products Catalogue
  Home Appliance Steel
  Writing Board Steel
  PPGI Coil
  Embossed Steel
  Prepainted aluminum steel
 · Prepainted aluminum steel in coil
 · Prepainted aluminum steel rolls
 · Prepainted aluminum steel coil
 · Embossed board
 · Color Coated Sheet
 · Prepainted Steel Sheet
 · Writing Board Steel Coil Sample
 · Hidden Grid Greenboard Steel Coil
 · Writing Blackboard Steel Coil
 · Hidden Gride Whiteboard
 · Writing Greenboard Coil
 · Writeboard Coil
 · Household Appliance Sample
 · Household Appliance Whiteboard
 · Household Appliance Greenboard
 · Household Appliance Blackboard
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