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Color Coated Plate/Color Coated Panel
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Recently,color coated home appliance plate has begun bulk stable supply for a Japanese home appliance giant's plants around the world. This is the first time that Baosteel's  product of this type is put into global procurement system by Japanese home appliance producer and it means that the product's quality stability and superiority are further enhanced and that the product already has international competitiveness.

Black color coated home appliance plate can be used in household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, DVDs. It is wearing and corrosion resistant. In 2006 Baosteel has had black color coated household appliance plate production capacity. However black coating's surface stripes, particles and impurities  are the most difficult to control in all colors and the product has not been put into mass products.
for a Japanese household electrical appliance enterprise. The product has stringent requirements  on material surface properties, stamping performance, and coating performance. Coating performance alone has 30 indicators and the development is of very high difficulty.Baosteel continue to tackle difficulties. Through several rounds of process quality improvement and repeatedly demanding laboratory tests and small quantity and large quantity pre-production, it finally breaks the production bottlenecks and solves quality problems and the production technical indicators are raised. Meanwhile, according to user processing requirements,  Baosteel further improves the relevant performance indicators.In 2010, Baosteel is recognized by the Japanese producer and begin mass supply.

Product development success is only the first step. Thereafter, Baosteel keeps up with the pace of the producer and speeds up variety development and specification development, so as to meet the needs of home appliance industry's  fast pace and launching of new products.Since mass supply, customer needs are satisfied in terms of product variety, quality, delivery and service.In the second half of last year, the Japanese producer plans to put Baosteel black color coated home  appliance plate into its global procurement system.To this end, Baosteelfurther combs the production process and quality inspection standard according to their needs and forms production quality control standards and supply security system which fit their various requirements, so as to ensure the stable supply of products and to meet specific needs which may appear in foreign exportation.The improvements are authorized by the customer.

At present, with Baosteel black color coated home appliance plate's mass stable supply to the producer's factories around the world, the products' monthly supply increases 114%.It is known that Baosteel will continue to accelerate new product development and new technology research and development reserve, so as to meet the producer's needs to extend the product range and further reduce production cost through technical means.

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