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Who we are
Our business work is concern to produce high-grade color coated steel sheets and coils. With advanced automatic production line and responsible staff, our product quality has reached international standards. Try our best to make
                 our clients superior in the fierce market is the purpose of us.                                                           

·Become the world leading company in the line of PPGI.
·Be most meet client’s unique requirement company.
                 ·Let our partner be in invincible position in the
                  competitive market.

·We have set up an industry-leading workflow control system
 and specialized worker, whom come from 
                  our company’s predecessor—Zhejiang Mintai High-grade 
                  Boards CO.,LTD. The company has unique core strengths in
                  the stability of production process and excellent staff.
                 ·The products process is controlled by computer, it has
                  sophisticated technology.                          

Business coverage

After years of development, our company has developed out-standing writing board for teaching, household appliance, building color panels and wood panels.

Style of work

Keep customer’s promise without excuse.
                 Absolutely comply with client’s requirement, never give up.

  Hexing introduction
  Mission Vision & values
 · Prepainted aluminum steel in coil
 · Prepainted aluminum steel rolls
 · Prepainted aluminum steel coil
 · Embossed board
 · Color Coated Sheet
 · Prepainted Steel Sheet
 · Writing Board Steel Coil Sample
 · Hidden Grid Greenboard Steel Coil
 · Writing Blackboard Steel Coil
 · Hidden Gride Whiteboard
 · Writing Greenboard Coil
 · Writeboard Coil
 · Household Appliance Sample
 · Household Appliance Whiteboard
 · Household Appliance Greenboard
 · Household Appliance Blackboard
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